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Ryan Gardner

Image of Ryan Gardner


B.A. (English), University of Wyoming,; M.A .(Religious Education), BYU-Provo,; Ph.D (Education, Curriculum & Instruction), Utah State University

Classes Taught

  • The First That Should Rise: A Restored Perspecitve of the Ascension of Jesus Christ
    • Thu 1:00 PM
    • Fri 1:00 PM
  • As we come to better understand the role of Ascension in the Savior’s redeeming work, we can gain greater hope and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ and what His Atonement means for us, both in mortality and in eternity.

  • Drawing Upon the Power of Jesus Christ By Living His Doctrine
    • Fri 9:00 AM
    • Sat 10:20 AM
  • Drawing upon the power of Jesus Christ to receive a remission of our sins and get help for all the other challenges we face in mortality is not a mysterious process. Let's explore how we do this by simply living the doctrine of Jesus Christ.