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Russell Gaede

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Doctorate - Clinical Psychology; Author, Speaker, Consultant.

Classes Taught

  • Building Your Own Temple
    • Thu 3:40 PM
  • Know ye not that ye are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? Building your temple is a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual process. We will discuss how to love yourself and increase your self-esteem as you learn your true self-value. You will learn proper self-care and how to integrate the many aspects of your life to achieve balance.

  • Building Resiliency: Conquering the Adversity in Our Life
    • Fri 3:40 PM
  • We all experience trials and adversity in our life. We will discuss how to resolve conflict and move forward to achieve more in our life.

  • Learning to Love Yourself
    • Sat 11:40 AM
  • As a child of God, your potential is limitless! Learning to love yourself and overcoming your insecurities will help you achieve more. In an interactive, fun manner, learn three key elements to achieve your potential by learning to love yourself.