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Nathan Tanner

Image of Nathan Tanner


B.A., BYU; M.A., BYU; Manager of Training, Provo Missionary Training Center

Classes Taught

  • Sermons Unspoken
    • Thu 10:20 AM
  • Exploring the beautiful Majesty of the Coronation of a Queen. The coronation of Queen Elisabeth II was a singular event—a spectacle rarely witnessed in modern history. From the elaborate ceremonial preparations to the priceless crown jewels, the event was at once out of reach of the common man, and yet wonderfully accessible. Peel away the layers of apostasy and hear the sermons unspoken!

  • Ministers Wanted!
    • Fri 10:20 AM
  • How the best missionaries are the best ministers. What makes a great missionary? At the heart of it all, is the spirit of ministry. President Nelson’s new and exciting changes that emphasize ministry, what that means for us, and how that affects the spread of the gospel.

  • Hope More Lively
    • Sat 10:20 AM
  • Rediscovering the small and simple things of our lives. President Dallin H. Oaks reminded us of the powerful effect of the small and simple things. Alma taught the same to his sons and to each of us. A better understanding of faith, seeds, and signs can help make our hope more lively.