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Megan Smith

Image of Megan Smith


Author of the blog MyFoodStorageCookbook.com and has been learning to cook with food storage since 2008.

Classes Taught

  • Food Storage: Meal Planning and Organization
    • Thu 1:00 PM
  • This class will lead class members through the process of creating a "master cooking plan" for their emergency food storage planning.

  • Cooking With Food Storage: Success Arises From Knowledge (Series, Part 2)
    • Fri 1:00 PM
  • Knowledge is the result of experience. Self-reliance in a food storage plan requires experi-ence and experi-ments. I will explain what has worked for me as I have extensively cooked with food storage.

  • Cooking Unplugged: Powerless and Low Fuel Cooking (Series, Part 3)
    • Sat 1:00 PM
  • In searching for modest fuel requirements for our emergency food preparations, three methods will be covered in detail. These include solar cooking, retained heat cooking and biomass cooking.

  • Cooking Unplugged: Retained Heat Cooking
    • Thu 5:00 PM
    • Fri 5:00 PM
  • The history of retained heat cooking and how it’s used today. Cooking methods and techniques specific to various retained heat style cooking units will be examined.