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Mark Mathews

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B.S., Brigham Young University; M.S., Brigham Young University; Ph.D., Utah State University. Faculty, Church History and Doctrine, BYU

Classes Taught

  • The Temple Series (Part 1): That They May Behold the Face of God
    • Thu 3:40 PM
  • How the Lord revealed to Joseph Smith that the most basic purpose of the temple is to bring us into the presence of God and how he invited the Saints to experience that.

  • The Temple Series (Part 2): Committed Unto us the Keys
    • Fri 9:00 AM
  • After the Lord manifested himself to his people in the Kirtland Temple he then sent angels to restore priesthood keys pertaining to the temple. These angels revealed that another purpose for the temple is that it is a place for receiving saving ordinances.

  • The Temple Series (Part 3): That I May Reveal Mine Ordinances
    • Fri 1:00 PM
  • With the priesthood keys restored in the Kirtland Temple the Lord could now reveal ordinances associated with those keys that are performed only in the temple.

  • The Temple Series (Part 4): There are Three Heavens and in Order to Obtain the Highest
    • Sat 9:00 AM
  • The doctrine of celestial marriage and how and why it is necessary to enter the highest degree of the celestial kingdom.