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Maija-liisa Adams

Image of Maija-liisa Adams


M.S., Utah State University, Management Information Systems; B.A., Utah State University, Management Information Systems; Minor-Communications A.A., BYU-Idaho (Ricks College) Business Management; Communication Adjunct Faculty, BYU-Idaho

Classes Taught

  • The Wow and Wisdom of Storytelling
    • Thu 11:40 AM
  • When you explore and then craft a story to make a specific point, it sticks and is remembered.

  • Vision to Learn, Live, Love and Give (Personal Mission Statement)
    • Thu 3:40 PM
  • Reawaken your passion for living a happy, purposeful life. When you reconnect with your purpose, your performance and results increase.

  • The Shock of Body Talk (Body Language)
    • Fri 11:40 AM
  • Decode the emotion in bodily tone and motion. When we master the movement of our body, we maximize the results of our relationships.

  • Livin' in Vision, Mission, Decision and Revision (Living Your Personal Mission Statement)
    • Fri 3:40 PM
  • Weekly and daily tools to realize your higher potential. When you anchor and organize, you say YES to the BEST and NO to the rest.