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Enjoy these videos and photos from the past conference. For those who attended, we hope this brings back memories. For those who haven't attended yet, here's a glimpse at what Education Week has to offer.

Education Week at BYU-Idaho

What is Education Week?

Education Week is a three-day, campus-wide conference that gives individuals and families an opportunity to gather with others and be strengthened as part of their lifelong learning. Inspiring teachers lead classes on topics from ancient scripture to preparedness and Church doctrine to self-improvement.

View Upward's infographic for a fun overview of the many benefits of attending Education Week.

What happens during Education Week?

At Education Week, you have the opportunity to gather with others seeking to strengthen themselves and their families as disciples of Jesus Christ and as leaders in their homes and the world around them.

What kinds of activities take place during Education Week?

In addition to the classes offered at Education Week, there is a variety of activities for the whole family. Some of those activities include a family dance, devotionals, alumni events, and exciting concerts, among other things.

Questions? Comments?

Email any questions or comments to educationweek@byui.edu.