Education Week Live Stream Events

Date Time Speaker Event/Class Description
7/27/2017 09:00 AM MDT - 10:00 AM MDT  

Gerald N. Lund
Former General Authority and author 
of The Work and the Glory series

Devotional/Firesides Opening Session
7/27/2017 11:40 AM MDT - 12:40 PM MDT   Joseph Cochran 
BA, Brigham Young University
Youth Devotional/Firesides Keynote Youth Presentation: 
7/27/2017 02:20 PM MDT - 03:20 PM MDT  

Amy LaBaugh
Student Life Vice President, BYU-Idaho

Devotional/Firesides Thursday Devotional
7/27/2017 03:40 PM MDT - 04:40 PM MDT

Nathan Tanner
BA, Brigham Young University; MS, Brigham Young University; Manager of Training, Missionary Training Center, Provo, UT

Conference/Workshop Technology: Powerful Principles for the Digital Age
Exploring God's purpose for technology, and discussing safeguards that can help us avoid the evils and harness the power of technology in our lives.
7/28/2017 11:40 AM MDT - 12:40 PM MDT  Eric Richards
BA, MA, Utah State University; USU Faculty Member, Author and Speaker
Youth Devotional/Firesides Keynote Youth Presentation: 
7/28/2017 02:20 PM MDT - 03:20 PM MDT 

Curtis Castillow
Faculty member in the Department of Religious Education, BYU-Idaho

Devotional/Firesides Friday Devotional
7/28/2017 03:40 PM MDT - 04:40 PM MDT Paulette Kirkham
Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree (literature emphasis), Thomas Edison State College; MA in English (rhetoric emphasis), National University; Adjunct Faculty, BYU-Idaho
Conference/Workshop Weighed, Measured, and Found 
Whether it's checking our likes on Facebook, or peering over the pews at church at that seemingly "perfect family" that seems to have it all together, this class will offer tools for stepping off the ladder of comparison.
7/29/2017 09 AM - 10 AM MDT  Craig Bell
Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration; MBA; BS in Psychology; Associate Degree in Health Science; Vice President of Academics at LDS Business College  
Conference/Workshop " The Lord of the Harvest" (Alma 26:7): Receiving the Power and Protection of the House of the Lord
Temple ordinances and covenants are portals to God's power and His divine protection.  The importance of regular temple worship to us individually and to our families.
7/29/2017 11:40 AM MDT - 12:40 PM MDT Ezra Gwilliam
BS in English Education, BYU-Idaho; MA in Literacy, Boise State University; Ed.D., Boise State University
Youth Devotional/Firesides Keynote Youth Presentation: 
7/29/2017 02:20 PM MDT - 03:20 PM MDT  

Mary Ellen Edmunds
Religious public speaker, author, nurse and
former member of the Relief Society General Board 

Devotional/Firesides Closing Session