Our advising office can assist students declared in Sociology (SOC) and Social Work (SW). Social Work is an application only major. Interested students can declare Sociology while they work on completing prerequisites for the Social Work major.

Advising Updates

Sociology Updates:

  • SOC 420 Drugs and Society is discontinued. Students should instead plan HS 460 Drugs of Use and Abuse
  • SOC 411 is offered FALL 2018. SOC 450 will be offered WINTER 2019.
  • SOC 112, SOC 355, and SOC 440 are being officially discontinued on the upcoming catalog year. None of these classes are currently being offered on campus. SOC 112 is still offered online. Starting in FALL 2018, SOC 112 will no longer be offered online. 
  • SOC 370 is offered every other semester. It is being taught Spring 2017 and will be offered again in Winter 2018.

Social Work Updates:

  • SOC 420  Drugs and Society is discontinued. Students should instead plan HS 460  Drugs of Use and Abuse
  • SOC 311 Sociology of the Family is NOT the same class as SW 311 Family Interaction.

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