What is the difference between Sociology and Psychology?

In general, sociologists study human behavior from the outside-in. Psychologists study human behavior starting from the inside-out. Both degrees prepare graduates for similar employment in social services settings and graduate school.

How do I become an FBI agent?

An undergraduate degree in sociology or psychology is a good start. A graduate level degree in law, sociology, public administration, psychology, etc., is generally required. Remember that the real world is very different than Hollywood. There is a lot of paperwork, driving, statistical research, etc. An FBI agent pushes more pencils than breaks down doors.

Do I need to complete an internship?

Sociology students may choose between completing an internship (SOC 498R Senior Internship in Sociology) or taking the senior thesis course (SOC 495 Senior Thesis).

Does BYU-Idaho offer a Criminology major or minor?

No. The Sociology department offers an unofficial Criminology certificate if students complete a certain amount of criminology-related coursework through the sociology department. See the Sociology/Social Work department secretaries for more information (RICKS 132).

How many credits is SOC 498R Senior Internship in Sociology?

Sociology students can complete an internship for 1-4 credits, 70 hours per credit.

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