How do I declare the Social Work degree?

Social Work is an application only major. Until you have been accepted you will be unable to declare Social Work. Students are encouraged to declare Sociology until they are accepted into the Social Work Program.

How do I apply for the Social Work program?

Information regarding the Social Work application can be found at: Social Work Application Process

If I score below the prerequisite courses grade requirement, can I retake the course to get a better grade?

Yes. You may retake as many of the prerequisites as you would like. The university allows for four retakes to replace a grade. Beyond the fourth attempt, both grades are calculated into the GPA and the latest credits are included.

Where do I find an internship?

Social Work majors are required to do two 250 hour internships, for a total of 500 hours. An internship fair will be held to help students secure placements. See the Field Manual for further details regarding the Senior internships.

What is the difference between Social Work and Sociology?

Social Work is the application of theory, knowledge, skills, and values to enhance the social functioning of all people. Social Work focuses on people who are disadvantaged, disabled, or otherwise limited in their ability to participate fully in society. Social workers engage with individuals, small groups, and communities to accomplish this purpose. As an academic discipline, Sociology focuses on exploring and understanding human attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Using the scientific method, sociologists study patterns of social relations, social inequality, and social interaction. The substantive areas of interest to sociologists include family, gender, religion, crime and deviance, education, race, ethnicity, culture, globalization, and politics among others.

How long does it take to hear back about your application?

Typically, it takes between 1-2 weeks. You will hear back either way to know the status of your acceptance.

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