What is the Psych Major Field Test? Where do I take it?

The Psychology Major Field Test (PMFT) is a test that psychology students take during their final semester. The test gauges what the students have learned while in the Psychology program here at BYU-Idaho. When you are prepared to take the test you should contact office secretaries in the Psychology Department (RICKS 110). They will give you a course code that will allow you to take the test in the testing center.

Do I need an internship?

PSYCH majors are not required to complete an internship although it is strongly recommended. PSYCH 498 Internship is one of the options in the major electives section of the psychology degree requirements.

How many credits is the PSYCH 498 Internship?

Only 2-3 credit internships are allowed. A 2 credit internship is 100 hours and 3 credit internship is 150 hours. For more information, see the Psychology Department Internship website.

What careers are related to psychology?

Psychology majors are qualified to work in many people-oriented industries such as counseling, advertising, human services, market research, personnel, public relations, and sales. A master’s degree or Ph.D. in psychology provide additional career opportunities. To learn more about careers in psychology, schedule an appointment with an advisor online or call 208-496-9850.

Do I need to declare an emphasis?

Yes. All Psychology students are required to declare an emphasis. You may choose between General Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Health Psychology.