Our office advises all DAY students in the following majors: Child Development (CD), Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS), Professional Preschool Education (PPE), and Marriage and Family Studies (MFS, DAY students only). ONLINE Marriage and Family Studies students can visit the Online Degree Advising webpage or call 801-353-5000.

Advising Updates

Marriage and family studies:

  • Program Update: The Marriage and Family Studies degree has changed in the Spring 2019 catalog year. See the catalog for an overview of the new degree structure. Students in this catalog year should complete the core courses first. Students will then choose one of the top three certificate options. either Advocacy, Human Services, or Parent and Family Education, to complete their bachelor’s degree (45 credits total).

    This new degree is stackable, meaning that certificates lead to an associate’s degree and then to a bachelor’s degree. This will allow students the opportunity to earn smaller degree components as they pursue a bachelor’s degree.

    This new degree model will be the same for both DAY and ONLINE students.

  • Course Update: COMM 352 is discontinued. B 374 is the approved substitute course.
  • 2017 and older catalog years: Three new course options have been added to the Major Emphasis Group 2 section of the Professional General Emphasis major requirements: SW 260 Introduction to Social Work, PSYCH 342 Abnormal Psychology, and FCS 101 Introduction to Family and Consumer Science.

Family and Consumer Sciences:

  • Course Update: Starting Spring/Fall 2019, FCS Education students can take ECD 350A, 350B, and 350L instead of ECD 360A/B/L. This will become an official option on Spring 2020 catalogs.
  • Registration Update: Current prerequisites listed for IBC courses do not apply for FCS Apparel Entrepreneurship majors. Our FCS students will need to contact the instructors to register for IBC courses.
  • Class Planning Tip: FCS 380 is only offered Winter Semester.
  • Class Planning Tip: FCS ED students can only take ED 492 Student Teaching during the Fall Semester.

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