Can I do the toddler and preschool labs together?

No, due to schedule conflicts the labs cannot be completed concurrently.

Is school age practicum available for Spring Semester?

No, this practicum is only offered during the Fall and Winter semesters.

Do I have to take the A, B and L portion of the labs?

You will complete the A portion of the lab the semester before you take the B and L portions. B and L must be taken in the same semester together.

What if I don't want to teach?

The ECSE degree prepares students to teach in public schools. The degree includes a semester long student teaching experience and requires that students take and pass state education certification exams. If students do not want to teach this likely is not a good degree option. For more information schedule an appointment with an advisor online or call 208-496-9850.

Can I student teach in the Spring?

Yes, but it is very limited. We recommend trying to fit it in the Fall or Winter.

What if I don't want to teach in Idaho?

Please contact the state you wish to be certified in and they will help you with the process of becoming certified in that state. Keep in mind that many states will recognize Idaho’s teaching certificate.

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