Nathan Relken

Nathan Relken

Pathway Support Director

Nathan A. Relken serves as the Director of Pathway Support for BYU-Pathway Worldwide, which includes many student services responsibilities for Pathway students.

He received a bachelor's degree in Communications from Augusta State University, a master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Indiana University, and a doctorate in Education from the University of Idaho.  

Nathan has nearly 20 years of experience in multiple areas of Higher Education Student Services administration.  

Nathan is a convert to the church and he and his wife, Joanna, are the parents of two children—Luke and Lily. His family is the joy of his life.

Spiritual Preparation

We invite you to study and ponder on the scriptures and other preparation resources below previous to attending devotional. As you come spiritually prepared the Spirit will have greater power to inspire you, teach you, and to testify to you of the truthfulness of the principles that will be taught.

Pre-devotional discussion:

  • Read Alma 36:6-20 & ponder upon your conversion in whatever form you have experienced it. Share on the discussion board in three to four sentences when you have seen the blessings that come from true conversion?