Jeff Morrin

Jeff Morrin

University Resources Vice President

Jeff Morrin came to BYU-Idaho in 2014 to teach finance in the business department. That changed last summer when he was appointed vice president of University Resources. Prior to coming to BYU-Idaho, he spent 19 years working in finance in the business world.  He earned a bachelor's degree in Business Management as well as an MBA from BYU.

Brother Morrin has held many callings in the church.  He currently serves as the high priest group leader in his ward.   

He and his wife, Laura, are the parents of six children. This spring they happily added two daughters-in-law to their family.

Spiritual Preparation

We invite you to study and ponder on the scriptures and other preparation resources below previous to attending devotional. As you come more spiritually prepared the Spirit will have greater power to inspire you, teach you, and to testify to you of the truthfulness of the principles that will be taught.

Pre-devotional Discussion:

  •   Why is finishing (e.g. enduring, persevering) important? Share on the discussion board in three or four sentences a time in your life when you were able to "finish" something even when faced with obstacles.