Carma Miller

Carma Miller

Associate Dean of Faculty Development, College of Agriculture & Live Sciences

Carma Kunz Miller was born and raised in a farming community near Bear Lake, Idaho.  She earned a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Weber State University, a Master's degree in Nursing and Health Care Systems Administration from BYU, and then received both a Master of Public Health and a Doctorate in Nursing from the University of Utah.  She taught nursing for 15 years, both online and in the classroom before coming to BYU-Idaho in 2013.

Sister Miller has served in many church callings, and has valued all of them. She enjoys family time, good friends, good books, and good travel.

Spiritual Preparation

We invite you to study and ponder on the scriptures and other preparation resources below previous to attending devotional. As you come spiritually prepared the Spirit will have greater power to inspire you, teach you, and to testify to you of the truthfulness of the principles that will be taught.

Pre-devotional Discussion:

  •  Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the master storyteller who used parables to teach gospel truths. We also need to tell and write our own stories. They can root us to our past, and define our future.

    Please describe on the discussion board in a few sentences a defining moment that is the basis for Chapter 1 of your own BYU-Idaho story.