Ben Fryar

Ben Fryar

Institutional Research & Assessment Managing Director

Ben Fryar grew up in the Portland, Oregon area and then moved to Soda Springs, Idaho when he was a senior in high school. As a teenager, Brother Fryar was a gymnast, wrestled, and played football.

Brother Fryar served in the Germany Hamburg mission. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Idaho State University and graduate degrees from Utah State University and Brigham Young University. 

Brother Fryar started his career as a seminary teacher in St. George, Utah. He was hired at BYU-Idaho in 2012 as a curriculum designer in online learning and later became the director of the online course improvement department. Brother Fryar is currently serving as the managing director of institutional research and assessment.

Brother Fryar married Katie Palmer in 2000 and they have five daughters and one son.

Spiritual Preparation

Please respond to the prompt below on the devotional discussion board: 

Prompt 1 – Best Listener Award: Who would you nominate for a “Best Listener” award? What makes them a good listener? How have they blessed your life? 

Prompt 2 – Confession time: When have you failed miserably at listening? What were the consequences? Let’s keep this option light and fun – nothing too serious here.