The BYU-Idaho Dance department has societies, groups, and events to help students get involved throughout their education here. Use the resources on this page to find out how you can participate in various Dance productions and groups.

Dance Society

The Dance Society is a fun, exciting experience that is open to all dance and non-dance students. Participants will develop new skills, apply techniques, and find a greater purpose and passion in dance.

Collegiate Dancers

Collegiate Dancers is an auditioned dance company that is directed, choreographed, and performed entirely by students. The company represents BYU-Idaho as they regularly perform for the community, schools, and other organizations.

Dance Alliance

Dance Alliance is a unique dance company that distinguishes itself through its various genres including ballet, jazz, contemporary, swing, tap, ballroom, American folk, and world dance. Dance Alliance seeks to lift and inspire through dance that is "of good report or praiseworthy" and strives to create a performance that will testify of Christ and the joy of living the restored gospel can bring.

Christmas in the I-Center

The BYU-Idaho Christmas Concert is held every December in the I-Center. The program brings the Spirit of Christmas in an elaborate collaboration of music, dance, and theatre. Participation in a program of this magnitude offers our dancers real world experience that cannot be achieved in many other settings. Become one of the 300 students from the College of Visual and Performing Arts that participates in this grand, exciting event!

Social Dance

Social Dance courses are a fun way to learn how to dance, enhance your dance skills, or meet new people. Keep track of the following dates for Social Dance labs, competitions, and formals.

What to Wear

To respect Church and University standards, the Dance Department asks dance students to live high standards of modesty. Students will find guidelines to help them understand what dance clothing is appropriate.


Do you have questions about participation, registration, employment, dance teams, etc.? Use the Resource Page to find additional information about the Dance Department.