Shawn Fisher


Phone Number   208-496-4857
Email Address
Address   HRT 205D


  • BS in Exercise Physiology, BYU, 1988
  • MPE in Athletic Administration, ISU, 1999
  • Exercise Physiology (graduate work 30 hours), BYU


  • Ballroom Dance, all styles
  • History of Competitive and Social Dance
  • Olympic movement
  • Exercise and Sport in Dance
  • Sport Management
  1. Life-Time Charter Member, PRODVIDA
  2. Master Examiner, PRODVIDA all styles
  3. Certified Judge, all styles and levels
  4. Examiner, USA
  5. Chairman, USA
  6. Adjudicator A&PD, World Dance Sport Federation
  7. Chairman, World Dance Sport Federation (in process)