The Dance Department provides valuable resources to help current students attain scholarships, find internships, and succeed in advisory juries.

Group of dancers perform a complicated group lift onstage.

Dance Talent Award

Dance scholarships are offered to students who are Dance Majors and taking at least 12 credits.  The deadline for the 2021-2022 academic year scholarship is February 22, 2021.  

2021-2022 Award Application


It is never too early to start thinking about your internship.  The purpose of the internship is to provide the student with real world experience and aid him or her in decisions about future careers in the field of dance.  Contact the Academic Discovery Center for more information.


  • All pedagogy majors are required to complete an internship.
  • Prerequisites: DA 356 and 357 or 358
  • Students should complete their internship during their junior year. It is encouraged that you take the information you learned during your internship and apply it toward your capstone project. 
  • Internship must be a minimum of 7 weeks (at least 10hrs/week) 1 credit=70 hours, 2 credits=140 hours, and 3 credits=200+ hours.
  • If teaching: 1 hour of prep will be counted for every 1 hour of teaching; thus 5 hours of teaching/week is the equivalent of 10 hours/week.
  • Students must register for the internships before the third week of school.
  • Past experience will not be counted towards an internship.
  • Students are responsible to track hours on a weekly log report.

To get started:

  • Find an internship
  • Complete approval form on I-Plan
    • Click on “Internship Approval” on the upper navigation bar
    • Select “View Internship”
    • Select “Create and Internship Request”
    • Fill out all required information and hit “Submit” found on the bottom of the page
    • Your Internship Approval Form will then be sent to your Faculty Internship Coordinator for review and approval.
    • An email will be automatically sent to your experience provider requesting that they review and accept our Master Internship Agreement.
    • You may return to the link provided below to follow the progress of your internship approval and registration.

How to find an internship

Initial Report

The report must include objectives agreed upon by the intern and employer such as, the general nature of the work, timelines, outcomes, and assessments, along with the intern’s personal goals. 

Final Written Report

This 3-5-page report will be due two weeks after the internship ends. The report should include an accounting of the work accomplished, analysis of what has been learned, and a description of possible career changes or insights as a result of the internship.  Copies of the weekly log report should also be included. 

Employer Evaluation

It is expected that the supervisor fills out a one-page evaluation form and provides the student with a letter of recommendation.

Oral Presentation

This presentation must be completed before the student graduates.  The student will be invited to share a power point presentation of their internship experience during the dance majors’ meeting held each semester. 

Getting Approved

Advisory Juries

Every dance student will need approval of the Advisory Jury to advance class levels. It is required to meet with the advisor every second semester (2nd, 4th, 6th) for the student's first three years. Meeting this requirement will fulfill their completion of an advisory jury. To determine a student's readiness for advancement, advisors examine the student's progress and graduation plan. In a student's final semester, the final advisory jury is conducted by the entire dance faculty in an interview setting.