The BYU-Idaho Dance Department offers a number of flexible degrees that fit the needs of every student. Each degree provides the necessary foundation for students to reach their various academic and career goals.

Dance Major (Bachelor of Arts)

A Major in Dance offers a versatile, but quality experience to serve as the foundation of a career in dance as a dance educator. Two separate emphases are offered with this dance degree to provide a flexible experience to reflect each student's strengths and career options.

Choreography and Performance. This group of courses prepares students with a dance degree for advanced studies (Master in Fine Arts) in contemporary dance and to work in the field of artistic dance performance and teaching.

Pedagogy. Students with a dance degree emphasized in pedagogy will choose at least two modules of specialization to study. These focuses prepare them to teach in the private sector, dance studios, or to continue their education in dance at the graduate level.

Interdisciplinary Studies Dance Major (BA)

This customized dance degree is designed to accompany students who have a unique career path or a variety of interests. An Integrated Baccalaureate Degree in Dance at BYU-Idaho allows a student to choose a minor or two clusters in a suggested field of study. The suggested fields of study are: Accounting, Business, Communications, Exercise Science, Health Science, Music, or Recreational Leadership.

Dance Minor

This minor is designed to encourage focused learning in Dance, complementary to a standard degree or as an element of an interdisciplinary studies degree.

Dance Cluster

This group of courses is not as rigorous as a major or minor dance degree, but is suggested for those whose careers will have an emphasis in dance. Students will be better prepared in dance technique, theory, and performing.