Take a screening test to find out if you have problems with anxiety. The keyword for taking the test is "BYUI."

Learn about anxiety disorders and get help for dealing with anxiety at anxietycoach.com, calmclinic.com, anxiety.org, and anxieties.com.  Find help for dealing with college student stress.

Check out these ideas for managing stress as a way to help lessen your anxiety.

Read information from the Mayo Clinic on how exercise eases symptoms of anxiety.

Test Anxiety

A recent study found that students who spent ten minutes writing about their thoughts about an exam just before taking the exam had significant improvement in their exam scores.  Read more about the study at  http://www.sciencemag.org/content/331/6014/211.full.  

Helpful Article

On Dealing with Uncertainty  Bruce C. Hafen, Devotional Address at BYU, January 9, 1979