The Counseling Center therapists and staff provide a confidential and supportive environment where students can share and explore their concerns. Students learn to develop and restore balance to their lives, as our staff help them resolve the emotional problems that interfere with effective spiritual, intellectual, academic, social or physical functioning.


The Counseling Center was created in 1966 in an effort to allow distressed students a greater opportunity to succeed academically by addressing their mental health concerns. We continue to provide quality mental health services to students. These services include individual therapy, couple's counseling, and group counseling. We also provide crisis intervention and appropriate consultation to faculty, staff, parents, and students. Psychological testing and assessment are available when considered appropriate but may result in a financial charge to the student. The student may also be referred to an outside agency when assessment or treatment is beyond the scope of Counseling Center resources. Counseling services are offered at no charge and are intended primarily for those students who can be helped in a relatively short period of time.

In some cases, if an evaluation for the need of medication is deemed necessary, the physicians at the Student Health Center or a contracted psychiatrist may be utilized.