Each week, teachers at BYU Idaho spend a short period discussing writing principles and how to improve the craft of writing in the department. The short presentations can help anyone improve their approach to writing.

Thursdays 1-2pm in Spori 265

Fall 2015

Date Presenter Title Video Link
Sept 17 Emmilie Whitlock Parallelism Not Available
Sept 24 Lane Williams Apostrophes Not Available
Oct 1 Andra Hansen Framing Your Story Not Available
Oct 8 Lane Williams The Power of Verbs Video Link
Oct 15 Joel Judkins Misused Words Video Link
Oct 22 Ward Hicks Get to the Point! Not Available
Oct 29 Laurene Jackson What Reading can Teach us About Writing Video Link
Nov 5 Mike Cannon The Power of Persuasion Video Link
Nov 12 Cory Kerr Show Your Work Posts Video Link
Nov 26 Thanksgiving
Dec 3 Lane Wiliams The Power of Story Video Link
Dec 10 Research & Creative Works Conference


Spring 2015
Date Presenter Title Video Link
April 22 Andra Hansen Point of View Video Link
April 30 Lane Williams Show, Don't Tell Video Link
May 7 Emmilie Whitlock Parallelism Video Link
May 14 Cory Kerr Show Your Work Posts Video Link
May 21 Lane Williams Apostrophes Video Link
May 28 Joel Judkins Malapropisms - Commonly Misused Word Video Link
Jun 4 Melissa Bair Email Misadventures Not Available
Jun 11 Matt Eichner Sports Writing Video Link
Jun 18 Lane Williams Commas Video Link
Jun 25 Senior Showcase
Jul 2 Ward Hicks Getting to Point Video Link
Jul 9 Matt Eichner Opinion Writing Video Link
Jul 16 Research & Creative Works Conference