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Comm 316 - Professional Imaging

Course Description

This advanced digital imaging, lighting and portraiture course focuses on the latest professional techniques to prepare experienced photographers and designers for a career, studio or related visual communication professions.  Students  create a customized, professional website using WordPress templates or hand-coding to market their own photographic work, complete with video training, weekly blog posts and related photodesign content.  Students publish a hardbound photobook portfolio and display their work for professional critique and competition.  Training in entrepreneurial business practices will prepare students to set up their own companies or work for companies specializing in online and print visual media careers from online Web magazines to photography and image-editing instruction.  This hybrid course blends in-class and online learning, so students interact in a variety of technology-rich environments.  Students will participate in several class photo excursions and studio and natural lighting contests and shootouts.  Formative feedback and group critique provides ample opportunity for professional portfolio growth.  Students acquire advanced skill experience in current photography trends such as manual HDR, cinemagraphs, advanced light painting, speedlighting, studio lighting and other accessories.  Students acquire advanced skills in industry-standard applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Photoshop Camera Raw.


Master current principles and concepts in professional image capture, portraiture, lighting, editing, ethics and file optimization, as well as effective web design and video tutorials.  Students will create a professional online photography business, create photodesign video tutorials and publish a hardbound photobook portfolio.


A project-based course for advanced photographers and image editors to produce professional work, compete in contests and set up an online presence to develop a career and/or business relating to photography and design for both web and print professions.


Digital SLR camera, online and in-class assignments, digital and print projects, project drafts, group critiques, demonstrations, video tutorials, student instruction, readings, professional website business, class photo excursions and photographic competitions.