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COMM 498R, the internship course, must be taken the same semester as your internship. If your internship extends beyond a semester, you should enroll for the course during the semester you begin your internship. Successful completion of your internship includes completion of all COMM 498R assignments and other course requirements. You cannot receive credit for completing your internship without having received credit for the course.

You can easily sign up for the COMM 498R course through iPlan, but your internship must be approved before you will be accepted into the class.

Although only one University-approved internship is required for graduation from the BYU-I Comm program, students are strongly encouraged to do additional not-for-credit internships. Multiple internships can help increase your skills, provide learning experiences, open more doors for future employment opportunities and help you understand what you may or may not want in the future. Many employers in the communication field tell us that their most competitive job candidates have completed several internships.

What is COMM 498R?

COMM 498R, the communication internship course, will help to keep you on track throughout your internship. You will set personal goals and check-in dates for yourself throughout the semester to log your progress and to report on what you are learning. It also provides a portal for the all-important supervisor evaluation—a requirement for course completion—to be submitted. The class will be conducted through Canvas where you can find a syllabus outlining course policies and procedures.

What is Required to Earn Credit?

Towards the end of your internship, you will be required to submit a self-evaluation form along with a supervisor evaluation of your performance. These two evaluation forms will, along with your assignments, be a factor in your final grade. If you fail to submit either of these forms, you will not receive credit for your internship. While all assignments in the course are worth varying amounts of credit, these two assignments—the self-evaluation and supervisor evaluation—are mandatory. If you do not submit them, you cannot pass the course, even if your grade point average in the course is still at a passing level.

Please note that if you quit or are terminated, you will not receive credit for your experience. You'll need to apply for an internship another semester. But don't be afraid of this happening. Virtually all students who approach their internship with a good attitude and a desire to learn have positive experiences. They achieve great things professionally and personally and are successful ambassadors for both BYU-Idaho and the Church. In fact, many students have received internships with a company because another BYU-Idaho student before them created a good impression of the university.

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Important Contacts


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Academic Discovery Center: Career Services


MC 200

Academic Discovery Center: Internship Office


MC 200

Susan Walton, Communication Department Internship Coordinator


SPO 221

86 percent of interns said their internship was a positive experience, according to Forbes.