Are you an employer looking for communication interns or employees? Please send information about your position to faculty member Marc Skinner, internship coordinator for the department, at Please include these details:

  • Organization name 
  • Organization URL
  • Job description
  • Candidate requirements
  • Position's start and end dates
  • Work schedule
  • Office location 
  • Details about whether a student is required to work on-site or whether remote work is an option
  • Remuneration details 
  • Application instructions
  • Hiring manager's name and contact information (We need this for the university's job database, but we won't include it in the posting itself unless you ask us to.)
  • (For internships only) The name and title of the intern's supervisor, as well as a description of his or her communication expertise. (Positions that are not supervised by someone with communication expertise will not be approved by the Communication Department as an internship, so a student filling that position would not receive academic credit.)

  • Other details you wish to include

Thank you for taking BYU-Idaho Communication students into consideration for your company's needs.

Important Contacts

Companies with more than 100 employees made full-time job offers to 69 percent of their interns in 2012.