How many credits can I earn? How much does this credit cost?

  • The Initial Internship Approval form will ask you how many credits you would like to earn. Credits are determined by total number of hours worked: 150 hours = 1 credit and 250 hours = 2 credits. Three credits is the maximum you can earn over the course of your college experience, but only one or two credits can be earned for any one internship experience. 
  • Please be precise in your calculations—adjusting credits after you've been authorized for the COMM. 498R course is a difficult process.
  • Note that many students prefer to take the maximum number of credits they qualify for because they see an internship as an opportunity to raise their GPA or because they need additional upper-division credits toward their graduation plan. Others prefer to request just one credit (even if they qualify for two) because that is what is required for graduation, because they don't want to pay for more credits than they need or because they're already approaching their credit limit.
  • Internship credits are not charged per credit. Interns pay   the equivalent cost of one credit, no matter how many credits they sign up for.

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