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Child Labs Enrollment and Applications

Child Lab Information

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Toddler Labs
Toddler Labs serve children 18-36 months.

Toddlers must be 18 months prior to the start date of Toddler Lab and may turn three during the course of the semester, but not before.

Each Toddler Lab has 12 children and six students teachers, a child/teacher ratio of 2:1.
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Preschool Labs
Preschool-aged children are 36 months to 5 years. 

Children must not have had a fifth birthday before September 1st.  If they turn five years old after September, they can participate the entire year, Fall, Winter, and Spring, before starting kindergarten in the fall.

We cannot accept five-year-olds who would have otherwise started school in the fall, even if parents elect to hold them back a year.
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School-Age Lab
School-age Labs serve children from kindergarten to 4th grade.

School-age Lab participants must be enrolled in or have completed kindergarten prior to starting the lab.

The School-age Lab serves up to 36 children with six student teachers, a teacher/child ratio of 1 to 6.

Child Lab Policies

  • We promote the integration of children with cognitive, physical, emotional or language development needs. We work with the State Infant/Toddler program to provide support to children with special service needs.
  • We encourage the participation of children who are culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse. It provides a rich learning environment for all children.
  • Parents must provide up-to-date immunization records if their child was born or has been immunized in another state or country.  We can only access the records for children in Idaho.
  • If a child is not adequately immunized, they will not be allowed to attend until their records are brought up to date.
  • If a parent chooses to delay or not immunize their child for medical, philosophical, or religious reasons, they must meet with the Lab Coordinator to fill out the necessary paperwork for exemption. Parents should be advised that in the event of an outbreak, their child will be excluded from participation in the labs for their protection and the protection of others.

Child Labs Enrollment Application

Online enrollment has changed to Sandbox.

Child lab class duration:

  • Fall (end of September to early December)
  • Winter (end of January to early April)
  • Spring (early May to mid-July)

Child enrollment takes place after BYU-Idaho students are registered at mid-terms and occurs in November, March, and June for the subsequent term. Families are notified in those months of their child’s placement in the following semester. Waitlists are also kept and honored if a child is not placed at the time of application. If your child has already been in labs, please do not submit another application.

Contact Child Labs to be added to a waitlist for the semester you seek to enroll your child. For parents wanting to enter their toddlers into a lab, please do not apply until three months prior to the child turning 18 months old.

Child Lab Fees: The total fee for the entire semester is $100 for all ages.

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