Contact Name
   Roxane Fields

Contact Phone

Address, City, State
   5430 Pintail Rd Island Park, ID 83429

Job Title
   yard work

Job Description
   clipping and sawing small willow trees down

Requirements / Qualifications
   Willing to work hard, truthful

Start Date
   Wed June 16th

Duration / End Date
   June 18th

   8:00am - 5:pm

Pay / Wage

How to Apply
   Please call or text Roxane at 310-720-4601.

Application Deadline
   June 18th

Other / Comments
   We will provide lunch - sandwich. We are an hour and a quarter from Rexburg.
   We are happy to take help for a part of a day also. We will pay to cover gas.
   We are on the north side of Henry's Lake.