Contact Name
   Shelly Gunter

   The Landing

Contact Phone

Address, City, State
   359 W 4th S

Email Address

Job Title
   Shuttle Driver

Job Description
   Driving students back and forth from complex to campus at predetermined locations. Check all passengers for shuttle passes when entering the shuttle. Greet and maintain eye contact and respect for each person entering the shuttle. Cleaning and disinfecting shuttle between uses, maintaining a clean shuttle inside and outside. Report any maintenance or shuttle issue to shuttle lead. Always obey all traffic rules, especially at crosswalks and speed limits. Must have experience driving a large vehicle and driving in the snow. Dress in a neat and professional manager. Clean driving record along with a valid driver’s license.

Requirements / Qualifications
   Job Requirements:
   Drivers must be over 21, with a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license.
   Experience driving large vehicles and driving in the snow.
   Able to work at 12-25 hours a week.
   Excellent customer service and communication skills. Paying attention to details.
   Must wear a mask while driving vehicle.
   Able to perform duties in a stressful environment.
   Shuttle drivers will need to get along well with others and be able to pay attention to details.
   Must be on time and prompt with work schedule and shuttle schedule.
   Clean in personal hygiene and appearance.

Start Date

Duration / End Date

   10-12 hours a week

Pay / Wage
   $9.50 per hours

How to Apply
   Email resume to

Application Deadline

Other / Comments
   Hours Available-
   Monday-Wednesday between 11:10pm-2:00pm lunch break between 11:50-12:25
   Tuesday 12:20pm-3:00pm
   Thursday 12:25-3:10
   Thursday Evening Walmart Shift 6:45-11:00pm
   Friday 12:25pm-5:00pm
   Saturday Walmart Shift 9:45am-1:30pm