Contact Name
   Elwood Staffing

   Elwood Staffing

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Address, City, State
   765 S Woodruff Ave Ste 1 Idaho Falls, ID 83401

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Job Title
   Potato Manufacturing (Ririe)

Job Description
   -Clean, wash, scrub, rinse, sterilize and/or sanitize potato dehydration equipment.
   -Help with daily review of the overall plant sanitation, as well as health and safety concerns.
   -Daily cleaning of restrooms, lunchroom/break areas.

Requirements / Qualifications
   -12 hour shifts 8am - 8pm & 8pm - 8am
   -6 hour shifts 8:00am-2:00pm or 8:00pm-2:00am
   -Short term work 2-4 months
   -Long term opportunity with advancement
   -Standing, moving, bending & lifting 30 lbs
   -Rotation every 3 months

Start Date

Duration / End Date

   Full Time 8am-8pm or 8pm-8am Part Time 8am-2pm or 8pm-2am

Pay / Wage

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