Contact Name
   Elwood Staffing

   Elwood Staffing

Contact Phone

Address, City, State
   Idaho Falls ID 83401

Email Address
   765 S. Woodruff Ave Ste 1 Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Job Title
   Material Handler

Job Description
   Bagging potato product for a local food manufacturer. This company provides a great amount of potatoes to be processed and shipped all across the Country to restaurants and schools.

Requirements / Qualifications
   -Bagging 60lbs. bags and palletizing
   -Working as a group
   -Weighing potato products
   -Sealing potato bags.
   -Work just 3 or 4 days per week

Start Date

Duration / End Date

   8am-8pm or 8pm-8am

Pay / Wage

How to Apply