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   Lisa Fausett 208-624-2104 Angie Baker 208-577-5441 Alan Cook 208-624-2144


  Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections

Contact Phone
    208-624-2104 208-577-5441 208-624-2144

Address, City, State
   2220 E 600 N St. Anthony Idaho 83445

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Job Title
   Cook, Senior (Temporary)

Job Description
   The Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, St. Anthony facility is seeking a temporary cook to join our food services team. Our team prepares and serves delicious and nutritious homestyle meals and snacks for our juvenile population.
   This is a non-benefitted temporary state position.
   This position may be hired as full-time (less than 5 months) or part-time (limited to 19 hours per week). Temporary positions are limited to 1,385 hours per year in a 12 month period.
   This position has the potential to become a permanent classified position. Employees who have served at least one thousand forty (1,040) hours of continuous service, may go from temporary status to classified entrance probation status in that same position without further examination.

Requirements / Qualifications
   Example of Duties
   To coordinate cooking services; prepare, cook, portion, and serve food for daily meals; perform related work.
   1. Coordination/work direction.
   Ensures menu item quantities are adequate
   Ensures proper use of standardized recipes
   Confers with supervisors and dieticians regarding use of leftovers, substitutions, and recipe adjustments
   Provide juvenile supervision in the kitchen
   May assist with inventory and insure adequate supplies are available to meet daily needs
   2. Food preparation.
   Prepares meals within guidelines of menu, following standardized recipes, and dietary requirements, and the standards of appearance, taste, temperature, and sanitation
   Cleans and prepares fresh fruit and vegetables
   Pans, chops, mixes, breads, and cooks meats
   Prepares salads and salad dressings
   Bakes breads, rolls, biscuits, muffins, cakes, cobblers, and cookies
   Prepares frosting, icing, puddings, fillings, gelatins, and whipped toppings
   Purees or juices fruits and vegetables
   Bakes, roasts, stews, fries, and steam-cooks food
   Prepares cold meats, casseroles, and sandwiches
   Assists with putting stock away when shipments arrive.
   3. Service and sanitation.
   Carves and slices portions of food
   Applies gravies, sauces, and garnishes
   Dishes up servings according to menu combinations or individual diets
   Ensures cleanliness of cooking and serving areas
   Maintains sanitation by proper care, cleaning, and storage of equipment and utensils
   Demonstrates proper use and maintenance of equipment to prevent accidents
   These positions involve: repeating hand and arm movements for at least four hours at a time; lifting and moving items weighing approximately 50 pounds; standing up to four hours at a time; bending, stooping and working on wet slippery surfaces; and working around extreme heat and steam in the cooking area. May be exposed to extreme cold when working with stock in the freezer.
   Minimum Qualifications
   Some knowledge of:
   Food values, basic nutrition in the preparation of special diets
   Supervisory practices
   Good knowledge of:
   Methods and materials used to prepare foods for large-scale institutional use
   Use and care of cooking utensils and equipment
   Sanitation and safety practices used in food handling and preparation
   Performing large-scale quantity cooking
   Training others in food preparation and serving
   Following recipes and menus