Contact Name
   Shantell Andersen


Contact Phone

Address, City, State
   490 East Main Street, Rockville, UT 84763

Email Address

Job Title
   $18 per hour Mother's Helper by Zion National Park in Utah

Job Description
   I am a stay at home mom who needs an assistant so that I can have more quality time with my children, take a break, or just get things done that are difficult with all the children jumping on me. :) I will be in the home most of the time.
   Duties include:
    * Help me take care of an adorable busy toddler. I have a 10 year old boy, 8 year old boy, 7 year old girl, a 6 year old girl, and a 3 year old boy. During nanny hours, the older four kiddo’s will be in school most of the time. So it is basically just one child during work hours. :)
    * Fix meals.
    * House cleaning! Basic everyday upkeep of a home as well as deep cleaning.
    * Odds and ends: Cutting out crafts for the kids to make, wrapping gifts, feeding the cat, etc.
    * Laundry
    * Driving kids to school and different activities.
Requirements / Qualifications
   * Good with children. Someone who can be kind and patient even when children are being frustrating. Someone who will teach and motivate my children instead of doing everything for them. For example, motivating them to clean up after themselves instead of just cleaning it yourself.
    * Drivers License and your own transportation to my house.
    * Teach children good manners and behavior by encouraging, motivating, and disciplining when needed.
    * Self-Starter: Someone who can see what needs to be done in a home and is willing to pitch in and get it done without me asking.
    * Hard-Worker: Come ready to work and give a full 100 % the entire 6 hour shift. Someone who is "anxiously engaged" while in my home. No loafing watching TV with the kids, etc.
    * Honest
    * Work quickly and stay focused with many interruptions.
    * Willing to clean up potty training accidents, etc.
    * Creatively keep kids busy.
    * Flexible: Some days I will need you to stay later than 3
Start Date
   August 9 or until filled

Duration / End Date
   4 months to a year

   9 am to 3 pm--I can be flexible and work with your schedule

Pay / Wage
   $18 per hour

How to Apply
   Call me, Shantell, at 801-362-1179. I am excited to chat about this opportunity.

Application Deadline

Other / Comments
   Reference from my previous nanny, Stacie Baker:
   Working as a nanny for the Andersen family has been such a wonderful experience! Shantell and Jacob are very honest, kind, and considerate people. I have loved getting to know their children; they are sweet and well-behaved. With any family it takes time to get to know them and learn how they work, but it was a fun and easy transition. I have learned things from their family that I want to incorporate in my own future family. Their home is warm, full of love, and very welcoming. I never worried about getting paid, a nice paycheck came every two weeks. This job really has been an ideal situation and I recommend it to anyone who is good with children, and a hard worker. The living circumstances have been amazing! The cottage has been such a cute, nice, and well-kept place to live. The utilities and internet are free and never gave me problems.