Dave & Crista Abbott

Salt Lake & Utah Counties, UT

Dave and Crista met in the Alpine Club while attending BYU. From this auspicious beginning came a family of four boys and one daughter, who were raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. David spent his career working as a nuclear/mechanical engineer for General Electric and various contractors at the Idaho National Lab. Crista was busy raising children and going to night school, receiving a computer science degree in 1990. She then worked for the local school district for fifteen years in programming/tech support/ Following retirement, they moved to Draper, Utah and currently live on a beautiful mountainside within a mile or two of the Draper Temple. Two of their sons also live in Draper with eleven of their twenty-two grandchildren. The other two sons and daughter live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Pocatello, Idaho.

David was born and raised in California to a convert mother and a reactivated dad. Crista came originally from Indiana, where her parents were converted to the Church. They have both held various positions in the church; David has been a counsellor in a bishopric, Gospel Doctrine teacher, and on the Stake High Council. Crista has worked in the Young Women’s and Relief Society, primarily, as well Ward Music Director and Choir Director.

The past eight or nine years have been spent in Draper in the winter, and Island Park, Idaho in the summer, Dave enjoys skiing, bicycling, hunting, fishing, and managing finances. Crista’s main interest is knitting; past hobbies include skiing, hiking, singing, and playing the violin.