Welcome to BYU-Idaho‚Äôs Virtual Campus Day! 

September 25, 2021

This webpage serves as the schedule for Campus Day and will connect you to all of the departments that will be participating today. Campus Day is divided into three separate sections:

  • Opening Session
  • Breakout Sessions and our
  • Virtual College Fair

Please refer to each section below for more information.

Opening Session   10:00 AM - 10:30 AM (MDT)

Please watch the following video to start your Campus Day experience. Aubrey, a Communications student at BYU-Idaho, will introduce the format and agenda for Campus Day and explain how you can interact with each department.

two prospective students smiling

Breakout Sessions  10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (MDT)

For the breakout sessions, BYU-Idaho’s Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, and a panel of BYU-Idaho students have prepared two different 30-minute presentations that you are welcome to watch. Please select 2 of the three breakout sessions that you are interested in attending.

Virtual College Fair   11:30 AM - 1:30 PM  (MDT)

BYU-Idaho majors, colleges, departments, activities, and organizations are represented in our Virtual College Fair. You will see that this section is divided into 2 sections: 

  • Live and 
  • Pre-Recorded. 

Our live sessions are time-sensitive and will only be available at the times indicated below. Our pre-recorded videos are available at all times during the day. Each video or live discussion will last 20 minutes or less, allowing students to watch multiple live sessions if interested. Please refer to the list below to see what virtual booth you are interested in learning more about.

Two students smiling


11:30 AM - 11:50 AM


Activities Department

International Services

Department of Physics

Student Representative Council
Passcode: 072590

Department of Psychology

Human Resources-Student Employment

11:50 AM-12:10 PM


Counseling Center

Department of Applied Plant Science

Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Student Support Center/Mentoring

McKay Library Services

Department of Finance

12:10 PM-12:30 PM


Department of Accounting
Passcode: 875403

University Store

Department of CIT

Department of Design and Construction Management

12:30 PM-12:50 PM


Department of Art

Department of Management

Disability Services

Wellness Center

Student Support Activities and Events



Department of Humanities and Philosophy

Department of Marketing

Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering

1:10 PM-1:30 PM


Alumni Office

Department of Mathematics

Student Health Center

Academic Support