Online Business and Communication Students: Now that you are finished with Pathway, what’s next?

This Webinar provides instruction on some of the basics of getting started at BYU-Idaho for online students pursuing a degree in the College of Business and Communication.

  • Logging on to your student account
  • Registering
  • Reading your degree audit
  • Choosing classes
  • Creating a Grad plan

As a BYU-Idaho B 100 student, we know you have lots of questions you would like to ask the advising center. We invite you to  view this webinar focused on the questions many B 100 students are asking:

  • What order should I plan my classes?
  • How do I create a grad plan?
  • How do I read my degree audit?
  • Where do I go for my resume review?
  • When and how do I plan for the required internship?
  • What is the role of my faculty mentor?