Application Timeline Overview

  • Applications are submitted 12-15 months before the desired medical school enrollment date.  Applications can be submitted in May/June for the following year. For example, if you apply in June 2020, it would be for admission in Fall 2021. 
  • It is helpful to create a timeline for yourself when applying to medical school.  Having an academic plan, a plan to complete extra-curricular activities and a plan for test preparation all contribute to your timeline. The AMCAS website has a general timeline that covers an applicant’s four years at a college or university: AMCAS Timeline (PDF)
  • For specific application deadline dates, you should always check the AMCAS, AACOMAS or TMDSAS websites.

Preparing to apply

  • Talk to the potential writers of your Letters of Recommendation early. Give them plenty of time to write the letters. If you plan to apply through more than one application service, you may wish to use a letter service such as Interfolio.  If your letters are stored in Interfolio, you will be able to upload them to the specific application service when it opens. 
  • Continue with your volunteer, work or research activities until you have received an acceptance letter from a medical school.  Do not stop these activities until you have an official offer of admission. It may take two or more application cycles to gain admission, so you need to be continually improving your application until you do.
  • Prepare for and take the MCAT – Register for the MCAT and take it by the end of April in the year you submit your medical school application.
  • Consult online Medical School Guides to see requirements for each school. For MD schools, use the MSAR (Medical School Admission Requirements). To view the MSAR, you need to purchase access to it from AAMC. For DO schools, you can search to find and filter DO school options. Always confirm school-specific requirements by checking each school’s website directly.
  • Continue to save money for the application process.

Medical School Application Timeline (PDF)

Application Reimbursement Funds Available

The Hemming Foundation, a private donor, has provided funds to assist students who are applying to allopathic (MD) schools to help offset expenses associated with application fees and travel to and from medical school interviews. View the application.

Helpful Websites and Resources