Application Process Overview

There are 15 Chiropractic Schools in the United States. Most admit student 2-3 times per year.  Many follow a rolling admissions process, meaning they begin reviewing applications and admitting students before deadlines.

When you apply depends on when you will complete your degree and complete necessary prerequisite coursework. Timing is sensitive, so you will want to plan well.

Apply early in the cycle, but make sure your application is the best it can be. Chiropractic school requirements vary from school to school — research schools early for specific information on their requirements.

Before submitting your application, have people with an unbiased eye go over each entire application to catch any errors.

Primary Application

It is important to check with each school so you are aware of their application requirements and deadlines.


Letters of Recommendation

Some, but not all schools, require letters of recommendation. Check application requirements for each school to know if they require letters, how many they require, and how to have them submitted. If you need letters:  

  • Ask if potential writers feel capable of writing a STRONG letter. If anyone is hesitant, you should probably try someone else.
  • Ask if recommenders would welcome any written background material. You could include a brief biographical sketch or resume, your interests and activities, career goals, and motivation toward your intended profession.
  • Always give recommenders ample time. Two to three weeks at a minimum.
  • Make sure letter writers know their letters must be signed and on letterhead.
  •  Follow-up with your letter writers and be sure to send thank you notes.

Preparing to Apply

It is helpful to create a timeline for yourself when applying to chiropractic school.  Having an academic plan, and a plan to complete extra-curricular activities all contribute to your timeline.

  • Talk to the potential writers of your Letters of Recommendation. Give them plenty of time to write the letters.
  • For specific application deadline dates, you should always check the ACC Website.
  • Always confirm school-specific requirements by checking each school’s website directly.
  • Continue to save money for the application process.
  • Write a personal statement, if required.
  • Order official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities that you have attended.
  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA, in October.
  • Prepare for and attend interviews, if offered.
  • Respond to admissions offers.
  • When you make a final decision, withdraw other admissions offers promptly.