Online Advising Contact

Online degree-seeking students or students who complete their degree online will need to contact Pathway Worldwide Advising. 

Campus students taking online courses will contact campus advising.

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Academic Advising: Main Office
Career Exploration, Foundations, Associate of General Studies, Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies or University Studies, General Advising, and Special Needs Advising. Click here for Internship Processing & Registration needs.
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Animal and Food Science, Applied Plant Science, Biology, Health, Recreation, and Human Performance, Health Professions
College of Business and Communication
Accounting, Business Management, Communication, Computer Information Technology, Economics, Web Design & Development, Agribusiness
College of Education and Human Development
Home and Family, Psychology, Religious Education, Sociology and Social Work, Teacher Education
College of Language and Letters
English, Languages and International Studies, History, Geography, Political Science, Humanities & Philosophy
College of Performing and Visual Arts Art, Music, Theatre, and Dance
College of Physical Sciences and Engineering Design and Construction Management, Chemistry, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Civil Engineering, Automotive, and Welding Programs