What is health science?

Health science is concerned with the development of knowledge and programs related to health and well being. This field encompasses many majors. Some programs focus on identifying practices that directly improve patient health. Others focus on the physical activity, biological, behavioral, and socio-cultural mechanisms and processes that affect health status and aging. Health science is also concerned with the study of leisure and cultural phenomena within their related environments and in the context of opportunities and practices integral to the well being of groups and individuals.

Why should I consider majoring in health science?

The health science major prepares students for work in schools, businesses, medical care settings and the community as health educators. It equips students with a variety of educational tools and techniques to use in their health professions by emphasizing both health behavior theories and practical application through educational programming and voluntary service in the field.

What career fields are related to health science?

Health science students should be dedicated to public service, concerned with the well being of other people, and have a strong scientific attitude.

What career fields are related to health science?

  • Advanced/Graduate Dentistry/Oral Science
  • Chiropractic (DC)
  • Clinical/Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Communication Disorders Science/Services
  • Dental Assisting & Allied Professions
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Laboratory Technology
  • Dentistry (Pre-Dentistry)
  • Emergency Medical Technology
  • Environmental Health Engineering
  • Exercise Science & Kinesiology
  • Health & Medical Assisting
  • Health Aides, Attendants & Orderlies
  • Health Diagnostic/Treatment Technology
  • Health Prof & Rel Clinical Science
  • Health Service & Allied Health
  • Health System/Services Administration
  • Health Teacher Education
  • Hospital/Facilities Administration
  • Medical Administration Assisting/Secretarial
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Medical Radiologic Technology/Science
  • Medical Records Administration
  • Medical Records Technology
  • Medicine (Pre-Medicine)
  • Medicine Clinical/Graduate Studies
  • Nuclear Medical Technology
  • Nursing - Practical/Vocational
  • Nursing - Registered Nurse Training
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Assisting
  • Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services
  • Osteopathic Medicine & Osteopathy
  • Pharmacy (Pre-Pharmacy)
  • Physical Therapy (Pre-Phys therapy)
  • Physical Therapy Assisting
  • Physician Assisting
  • Podiatric Medicine & Podiatry
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health Services Tech
  • Public Health
  • Quality Control & Safety Technology
  • Rehabilitation/Therapeutic Professionals
  • Respiratory Therapy Technology
  • Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Veterinarian)

How can I learn more about health science?

Occupational Outlook Handbook  

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