What is agriculture?

Agriculture is the scientific study of interaction between humans, natural resources and livestock. There are several areas of concentration in agriculture, including agricultural economics and commercial agriculture. The agriculture major is designed for students who desire an entry-level management position in farm-related industries such as livestock and food products. With the proper use of elective credits, students can also prepare to work for financial institutions involved with agriculture industry.

Why should I consider majoring in agriculture?

Agriculture is a prevalent business throughout the world. It includes farm production, processing and marketing agricultural products, and supplying agricultural inputs. The Agricultural Business Management Major provides courses in agricultural business and economics, science, and agricultural technology. Students learn to apply the concepts, principles and terminology of business (economics, management, finance, marketing and others) to issues and opportunities relevant to the agriculture and life sciences industries.

What interest and values are related to agriculture?

People in the agriculture industry usually have an interest in preserving, studying and managing many forms of natural resources, particularly those related to farming and animal husbandry. They enjoy learning about business strategies, and they like supervising others. Agricultural workers like learning scientific theories and conducting research. They are good at hands-on work such as general repairs, drawing, and using many types of tools. They are strong in the sciences, especially biology, and they often enjoy outdoor activities and sports.

What career fields are related to agriculture?

  • Agribusiness Operations
  • Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Agricultural & Domestic Animal Svc
  • Agricultural & Food Products Process
  • Agricultural Business & Management
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Mechanization
  • Agricultural Production Operations
  • Agricultural Public Services
  • Agricultural Teacher Education
  • Agronomy & Crop Science
  • Animal Sciences
  • Farm & Ranch Management
  • Fishing & Fisheries Sciences & Management
  • Forestry
  • Horticulture Operations & Management
  • Horticulture Science
  • International Agriculture
  • Natural Resources Conservation
  • Natural Resources Management & Policy
  • Wildlife & Wildlands Managemen

How can I learn more about agriculture?

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