GS 100 - Career Exploration

Course Description: Deciding on a major and career goal can be daunting and confusing. Come learn about career exploration tools and resources that can clarify your path through connecting your identity and purpose to future possibilities in the world of work. Career assessments and activities are designed to broaden awareness of your strengths, values, and interests. Career research with online tools and informational interviews broaden your knowledge of specific careers and industries. Discover the model of career exploration that encourages an active approach to making important education and career decisions with deep awareness as you pursue a career and life calling.



TypeFocus is a multidimensional assessment that measures:

  • Personality type
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Work Values

After completing all sections you can explore your options for careers and BYU-Idaho majors.

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TypeFocus Instructions

Values in Action

Values in action is a strength-based assessment to identify your top values and strengths.

  • VIA is not used for career matching (there is no career list upon completion)
  • Identifying your top 5 signature strengths can help you thrive in your current career, or discover a new path
  • Consciously knowing your strengths can lead you to become more informed on possible career paths you might choose

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Online Resources

Online Resources

BYU-Idaho Catalog

Major Discovery Videos

Smart Electives Video

What Can I Do with This Major?*&letter=W

Learn How to Become

Vault Campus Edition*&letter=V

My Next Move

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Career One Stop


Career Outlook at different levels of education

Linking College Majors to Careers

Learn More Earn More: Education Leads to Higher Wages and Lower Unemployment

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