Career Descriptions for Marketing students

Marketing is excellent for individuals who enjoy working in teams and are creative in developing new ways to accomplish their company's goals. Contemporary marketing managers must understand not only the traditional areas of marketing channels, sales management, advertising, and research, but must also be familiar with consumer and dealer motivation. The process requires an understanding of buyer and seller behavior within the context of the overall market environment.

Career Descriptions for Supply Chain Management students:

In addition to foundational supply chain management and business function knowledge, employers expect the following skills and attributes: ethical behavior, strategic vision, change management, strategic leadership, strategic planning, relationship management, decision‐making, consultation, process management, and communications.  The profiles of SCM professionals are varied, but in general, such individuals possess many of the following traits: good problem solving skills, ability to effectively manage time and resources, a clear vision of "the big picture" as well as the "small details", a desire to work closely with other people, excellent communication skills, ability to think strategically about technology, and a desire to take responsibility for developing and implementing their own ideas. There is job satisfaction, high placement rate, high salaries, hands‐on problem solving, innovation and creativity, and global opportunities where you can have an impact.

Career Descriptions for Finance students:

Students who are aiming at a career in business and who enjoy numbers, analysis, and "real world" applications will appreciate this major. Finance graduates take jobs that are involved in major tactical and strategic decisions for their companies. This major requires strong mathematical and computer skills and interests.  Finance differs from accounting in that accounting looks to and reconciles the past where finance looks to and invests in the future.