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Complete the following items.  If items are already completed you do not need to repeat them but you do have to show proof you did them either with a note from the Career Office or from the faculty member who required it of you.

A. Do Academic Discovery Seminars.

B. Write down your Internship Plan for these classes. You should discuss where you would like to do your internship and how you plan to acquire the internship.

  • B 298 Beginning Internship
  • B 398 Advanced Internship

C. Complete your grad plan online and print off a copy for submitting to our office with the rest of the B 279 substitution packet.  You should be able to complete your grad plan via your my.byui.edu.  Or, you may visit with our Grad Plan Lab in SMI 223 on Fridays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. days.

D. Write down how you plan to increase your network of opportunities and who you can enlist as mentors for your career plans. Describe what you have done to make contacts, especially with those who are working in your area of interest (not more than one page).

E. Write down your career vision and why this choice is meaningful to you (not more than one page).

When you have completed all the above assignments, staple them together in one packet and then visit with the Department Secretary in SMI 231.