Students on the 2008-2009 or later catalogs are required to complete CIT 138. However, this class has been cancelled.

Therefore, the options are for all students are:

  • In order to successfully complete B 211 you will need to have taken either CIT 138, CIT 140 (or comparable class at a different university) or complete a Spreadsheet Tutorial before the deadline.
  • Complete CIT 138, CIT 140, or equivalent transfer before enrolling in B 211 (not concurrently) OR
  • Complete the Harvard Spreadsheet Modeling tutorial (see below)
  • If you have not already complete CIT 138, CIT 140 with a C- or higher then you need to complete the Spreadsheet Excel Tutorial before the deadline with a 70% or higher.
  • If you have already completed CIT 138 or CIT 140 and passed it with a C- or higher you will NOT need to complete this tutorial.
  • If you do not complete this tutorial with a C- or higher bythe deadline, you will be dropped from B 211.
  • The tutorial takes approximately 25 hours to complete.

How to do the Harvard Spreadsheet Modeling Tutorial

This is a FREE tutorial. It may show that you owe money, but if you keep going through the checkout process you will end up with a $0 balance.

  1. Go to
  2. Register (you may need the org code 23146)
  3. Find and launch the "spreadsheet modeling" tutorial and test
  4. Complete the tutorial and test with a 70% or better  - you DO NOT need to do the pre-test, just the post-test.
  5. Capture the screen with your score (use the printscreen button) and send that image to
If you do not pass the test the first time, please contact the office so the test can be reset for you and you can retake it.