On Campus Students

On campus students will enroll themselves in all credits of the Integrated Business Core (IBC) during the same semester. 

IBC pre-requisites include B 100, B 211, B 215, Acct 201, Acct 202, Econ 150, Econ 151, and Math 221A  It is required that all students receive at least a C- in all pre-requisites in order to be eligible to move on to the 9-credit IBC.

B 361 should be taken before or after IBC, but not during.  It is preferable that you take B 361 before the IBC.

  • Those wishing to attend the MORNING SESSION (daily 8-2 ) should enroll in 302 Section1, B 322 Section 1, B 342 Section 1.
  • Those wishing to attend the AFTERNOON SESSION (daily 11-5) should enroll in B 302 Section 2, B 322 Section 2, B 342 Section 2.

Online Students

Online students should visit with an online advisor by phone at 208-496-9900 or email at onlineadvising@byui.edu to determine their course planning.  Generally, online students do not take all 12 credits in one semester.  Online students should enroll for B 301, B 321, B 341, and B 361.