Kirk Gifford

College of Business and Communication Dean

Phone Number   208-496-3807
Email Address
Address   229C Smith Building


  • Ph.D., Economics, 1988, University of Illinois
  • M.S., Economics, 1985, University of Illinois
  • B.A., Economics, 1982, Brigham Young University


  • Labor Economics
  • Econometrics and Statistics

Peer-reviewed Publications

  •  "Using The Major Field Test - Business as an Assessment Tool and Impetus for Program Improvement:  Fifteen Years of Experience at Virginia Military Institute," February 2008, Journal of College Teaching and Learning, Volume 5, Number 2 (with H. Francis Bush, Floyd H. Duncan and Clifford T. West.)
  • "International Support For U.S. Foreign Policy:  The Role Of Foreign Aid, Trade Integration And Social Development", June 2004, International Business and Economics Research Journal (with Atin Basu and Tinni Sen)  This paper also appeared in the refereed proceedings of the International Applied Business Research Conference in March 2004.
  • "Gender Differences in the Returns to and the Acquisition of On-The-Job Training" In Women in the Labor Market (part of the Series The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics), edited by Marianne A. Ferber; London, Edward Elgar Press, 1998 (with Reed Neil Olsen)
  • "Gender Differences in the Returns to and the Acquisition of On-the-Job Training:  1976-1985", January 1996, Industrial Relations (with Reed Neil Olsen)
  • "Returns to On-the-Job Training:  Are They the Same for Blacks and Whites" Volume 61, No. 2, October 1994, Southern Economic Journal (with Reed Neil Olsen) 
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